Arts-in-Education Program

Jane has presented Arts-in-Education programs for students of all ages for over thirty years. Her presentations are both educational and fun for the students. Jane's Arts-in-Education programs can be presented in assembly or classroom. Students are encouraged to volunteer for demonstrations and ask questions. Pre-visit study guides are provided for elementary schools.

Presentations for elementary students demonstrate basic concepts of music with many hands on demonstrations. After the demonstrations the students listen to Jane perform then identify the concepts that were demonstrated in the program. A question and answer period follows the presentation. Program length is sixty minutes for assembly or thirty minutes for k-2 in classroom. Flexibility in program length is possible.

Programs for junior high, high school and college include a miniature concert, hands on demonstration, guitar history, and a question and answer period following the presentation. Program length is sixty minutes. Flexibility in program length is possible.

Jane's Arts-in-Education presentations are for all students and designed to promote music appreciation. Jane has worked with many arts councils at state and local level implementing Arts-in-Education programs, creating guidelines for presentations, and screening artists that wish to present Arts-in-Education programs.


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